The World judges you by GPA or YOURSELF

‘Why are they so intelligent? ’

‘What do they eat every day? ‘

‘I seriously do not realize whether I study hard or smart; however, I still not get the good grade like other students’

Have you ever questioned or said to yourself like that before? If yes, you might have been struggling with grades. According to my research and experiences, I have been guided by lectures and senior who also endured this condition.In case, you are interested in raising your grade point average, take a close look at these 6 tips for getting better grades.

No distractions while studying: Turn off your phone and laptop or turn off your internet connection. The sound of your phone attracts your attention, as the result, you lose all your concentrate on your study. Moreover, make sure you study in the peaceful area. Nevertheless, if your mind starts headache, take a brief break, and return to your study again.

Take note: Tim Ferriss once quipped that he “takes notes like some people take drugs,” and even detailed his note-taking process on his blog. Taking notes not only helps you retain more information (I call the process “backing myself up”), but it’s also the key to boosting your productivity, both at work, school and at home. In particularly, it gives you the opportunity to highlight key points and details that might slip your mind differently.

Take care of yourself: Eat right, exercise daily, enough sleep. Remember that your health is more significant than your study. Try not to skip your meals and sleep less due to homework; If you do it often, your body will lose the energy. Remind yourself that all the studying in the world won’t assist you whether your body giving up on you.

Do your Homework: expands upon what is done during the day in the classroom. Your overall educational experience is better because homework helps you to gain and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work. Especially, homework teaches lessons beyond just what’s taught in the classroom, too.

Organize your study area: Getting a good study environment is essential for you to be prepared for your exams. We all know how motivating it feels to have a good study environment. Building a good study space can not only encourage you to study more often but will also allow you to concentrate better. In the addition,You should put the green plant to keep your eyes protective.

Reward yourself: What do you like? Reading, eating, shopping? Well, just do it; but Limit yourself what you should have done in 3 days or one week, after your work completed, reward yourself by buying what you love. It gives you motivation and pushes you to study harder.

Tell me about how do you study effective way? When is the best period your study mood on?


Words can change someone’s life….

Most people all over the world confront various problems, me as well. Those always haunt us every single day and night, making us afraid of the darkness, stay late night by overthinking unnecessary stuff. «Depression» is the main bacteria which leads to being a major problem in our life such as suicide.It can, in fact, change the world. Life is 10% if what happens to you the remaining 90% is how you react to it.How do we able to defend ourselves against those??? Let’s get out of these viruses together by following the step below

1. Define your mission and goals in life: In this point, you will be told to plan your tasks in diary life means to prioritize and do the most important things first. Preparation is the action or the process of prepare something. Surely, As soon as you clarify what you what you’re really for your life, you will sacrifice or do everything to archive it.Asking yourself a few questions is to alert from the laziness, In order not to procrastinate yourself. There are numerous questions which are picked to remind you what you really want. This is one of those to criticize yourself. What will you able to do tomorrow? Whenever you ask yourself, you will be guided out of the darkness in the gloomy future.

2.To Build yourself confidences: Even though you’re not self-sufficient motivation, you yourself must be influenced. You will be asking «HOW?». How can you gain yourself confident? You ought to clarify what you are good at, prefer to do recently and put most your attention on. Sometimes you also need someone like your close friend or best friend confer about a plan of your action.Not all of them provide a pleasant reason to urge you building confidence.

3.To Learn from people who’re working hard: you might or might not hear about the behind story that they become a successful person. If you really want to figure out the what makes them so powerful and omnipotent. The way you learn how to solve and believe in yourself is the way you yourself sharp for gashing all pessimism. Some people are working harder day by day, minute by minute owing to their big dream and incredible goal. They also believe that they will pay off. Don’t make it temporary, make it permanent.

4.To think no one perfect: NO ONE, perfect, is due to they are all trying to be better than someone they are comparing. I just want you to consider yourself; what did you do yesterday? How to make you today better than you yesterday? You won’t have time to compare yourself to other like you used to. If you think you are going to be the perfect one day, let think for who?? Yessss, for your family. No need to be perfect for everyone on the earth. Don’t be too good and too smart. Not only you are give applause but also mock.